Judnick Motorsports’ Sport class rider Carson Alread is back home and on the mend in Gayord, Michigan, after spending 12 days in a Minneapolis hospital to repair his shattered L1 vertebra.

Alread suffered the injury in the first round of Sport practice at the Canterbury national on January 4, when he came up short on a jump on the front straight. He did not actually crash from the impact but moved to the side of the track and fell off his machine with a loss of feeling in his legs. Thanks to the efforts of ISOC track workers and the FXR Mobile Medical team, Alread was immediately stabilized and transported to a local hospital.

Alread was in extreme pain in the days following the incident, both before and after a procedure to repair the damage by inserting two rods and four screws to fuse the T12 through L2 vertebra. Once doctors were able to regulate his medication and fit Carson for a clam type brace, he was able to get on his feet each day and slowly get more comfortable.

Alread is now able to sleep without the brace and move around freely with the brace which he will have to wear for the next three months. Carson was in good spirits when we talked to him earlier this week. “The doctors say I should be fully healed in six months and not have any restrictions on future activities”, said Alread. I’m just super thankful for the whole track crew and the medical crew who got me into the ambulance in a timely fashion to start relieving the pain. I don’t think the sport of snocross realizes how lucky we are to have those guys at every event. Without them this could have gone a whole lot worse. My family and I also want to thank everyone for all their support and concern through all this. It really meant a lot to all of us!”

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